Firewall / VPN Design & Implementation

When it comes to protecting your network, some companies just want to sell you a generic firewall or VPN product. At PAD Technologies, we understand that one solution does not fit everyone - so we offer multiple levels, brands, and types of firewalls. We understand the value of your data, and will custom-design a solution that provides the level of protection that you truly need. Instead of providing a generic solution, we will actively analyze your network traffic and carefully explain the solution we feel is best for you. We also provide full documentation to you when implementing our solution, and actively solicit feedback from you during the entire process. For more detailed information about our firewall solutions and architecture, see our firewall section. Or if you have anyway questions about what we can design for your business, contact us.

Wireless Security

Most wireless solutions are inherently insecure "out of the box". We offer multiple wireless services including wireless security audits (to show you how attackers can enter your network through your wireless equipment), and also provide ways to properly secure your wireless access points, regardless of brand.