Scalable Firewall Architecture

Scalable Firewall Architecture

Pad Technologies Scalable Firewall Architecture is a modular solution to your firewall needs. The core system provides packet filtering and traffic shaping - but the system can be expanded to provide intrusion detection, wireless access point service, VPN management. and centralized logging. SFA can be customized even further, depending on your needs.

Each level of firewall includes all of the features of the previous level. All packages include an hour for setup/configuration. Monthly maintenance 1 hour @$125.00/hr for the Level1/ Level2 plans, if required. The Level 3 Plan includes the maintenance fee.

Entry Level Firewall​

  • Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Internal DHCP Server / NAT
  • Unlimited Users (~250)
  • External port forwarding
  • T1, Cable, & PPPoE Support (DSL)
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Web-based control panel​

  • Small to Medium Office Firewall​

  • Outgoing Traffic Flow Control (QOS)
  • DMZ Server (server zone)

  • Web Proxy (content caching)
  • 5 VPN Point-to-Point Tunnels
  • 5 VPN "Client" connections
  • Real-time Advertisement Filtering (filters out ads)
  • Intrusion Detection Reporting
  • Static or Dynamic DHCP Assignments supported
  • Local DNS Proxy (speeds up DNS Queries)

  • Enterprise Class Firewall​

  • Traffic Filtering by Traffic Type (P2P/Kazaa, etc) - incoming and/or outgoing
  • Traffic Filtering by Filetype (mp3, avi, etc)
  • Realtime IP Blocklist (NetGuardian, etc)
  • 100 VPN Point-to-Point Tunnels (more available)
  • 100 VPN "Client" connections (more available)
  • Wireless VPN support
  • VPN System can Authenticate against a Windows PDC
  • Web Filtering (URL. & Content blocklists)
  • Web Scanning (realtime web-access javascript & virus scanning)
  • Web usage reporting (graphs & logs) per-user
  • SMS or Email Alerts for network anomalies (excessive traffic, etc)
  • Intrusion Detection, Reporting, & Alerting (SMS or Email)
  • Scheduled traffic reports (email)
  • DHCP Server Relay Ability (can poll upstream DHCP server for proper assignments)