About Us

Our motto

Our motto has always been to provide excellence through technology.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for the technology needs of our clients. 

Our strategy

Our strategy is to always remain one step ahead. It's our job to keep up with technology so that you're always one step ahead of industry curves, customer needs, and your competition. 

We're Here for You 24/7

PAD Technologies originally specialized in Programming and Application Development. Since our inception, we have expanded to a wide range of services.​

The young, aspirant team of PAD Technologies brings together the skills and expertise of an Internet Connectivity and Web Development Company and a high-end Network Integrator. The synergy between these core competencies brings tremendous value to our customers. As corporations Web presence evolves from static brochure-ware to dynamic e-commerce and extended intranets and extranets, PAD Technologies is positioned to provide the high-speed connectivity, hosting, design and development of the Internet and Intranet solution, as well as design and implement the LAN/WAN network infrastructure that companies need to operate. Not to mention, all your communication needs from a simple Business phone line to a complex PBX solution.

This single point of contact for the entire enterprise communication solution is PAD Technologies unique value-add. Aimed at the small and medium size enterprise, PAD Technologies provides high speed, hands on, high tech solutions to the problems our customers need to compete in the new millennium.