Security Surveillance

​Video Security and Surveillance

What is video surveillance?​

Our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system is a digital video compression program that offers unlimited hours of recording directly onto a computer's hard drive.


Video Security and Surveillance

What is video surveillance?

Our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system is a digital video compression program that offers unlimited hours of recording directly onto a computer's hard drive.

What are the features of a Digital Video Recorder Surveillance System?

  • Records on a digital format to a hard drive. System comes with a CD burner

  • Stores information for up to 40 days

  • Cameras can be set to record when motion is detected

  • System comes with a scheduler that allows you to program each camera individually

  • Remote notification. If desired, the system can alert you when an intrusion has been detected. It can call up to 3 different numbers via modem. It has the ability to send an email to an email address. It can be set to send a text message to your cell phone. When sending emails, it attaches a snapshot of the intruder that triggered the alarm. Snapshots can only be sent to an email address.

  • Remote viewing. You can view your cameras remotely from any computer that has access to the Internet. You will see the cameras real time, using a live stream video format

  • Cameras can only be accessible if a user has right and permissions

  • Remote Playback. You can playback any of the cameras remotely. For instance, from your house, you could playback camera #5 on a determined date and time. After viewing it, that information can be saved and stored on your local computer

  • Back up functionalities. It allows you to back up the data to a different location in the network

  • Auto Shutdown. It automatically resets and reboots the system if it encounters a problem

  • System requires no monitor if user already has a home PC. (Requires a switch or a hub) It plugs in to your home network and it uses your computer’s monitor. The administration console is accessible via a web browser such as Internet Explorer

  • System can playback at 30fps (Frames per second), 60 or 120, depending on the system purchased.

  • When motion is triggered, it can provide output to a device such as an external speaker, or an alarm horn

Not only can you observe recorded information from remote locations, you can also schedule specific future monitoring and alarms. With the password protection feature, you can allow members of your management team access as well. Many software companies that offer DVR systems also give you free software upgrades and online support.

Who can benefit from DVR Digital Video Surveillance?

  • Home Security Systems - Homeowners can identify who is at the door; check on the baby or check the house if they are away.

  • Commercial Security Systems - Businesses can prevent or identify shoplifters or burglars and keep an eye on the business from home. Sadly, today, employee theft is now higher in retail than customer theft and monitoring retail employees is becoming necessary.

  • Industry & Research can monitor processes as well as maintaining security surveillance.

  • Education and Government can keep an eye on trouble spots.

  • Night clubs and restaurants

  • Schools, daycare, nursing homes, can monitor their buildings. The sky is the limit with these systems.

There's no need to buy an expensive VCR, nor do you need to buy a TV Monitor for viewing or even Motion detectors to trigger recording. The triggering is done by the cameras themselves, and our special software. The DVR software and your PC does all of this. For more information, feel free to contact us.