Thin Client

Thin-Client Computing

Thin-client computing saves money. It can have an extensive impact on your operating costs, increase capabilities and availability of your existing support staff and reduce overall risk. Contact us.


Thin-client computing is not a bleeding edge, new technology. This concept has been around for 30 years. It is effectively mainframe computing and dumb terminals with 30 years worth of added capabilities and performance. Simply put, instead of running all applications locally on each workstation, with all of the associated challenges, support issues and costs, your applications are centrally located on a server(s), delivering screen updates and inputs to clients. All software and hardware maintenance is performed in one place. You can even accomplish this scenario utilizing all of today's latest operating systems including Microsoft, Linux, and virtual platforms, as well as today's common software applications.

Centralized servers means reduced costs, reduced power consumption, simplified software deployment and maintenance, longer hardware lifetime, and reduced stress on support staff to sustain each and every workstation. With an implemented thin-client platform your company can expect to save 30%-70% of your IT costs.

Utilizing a thin-client solution isn't just a way to cut costs either. With increased productivity from your IT staff and less downtime for all of your employees, the entire company will benefit as a whole.